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We will repair or replace your windshield at a time and place that suits you. And we will handle the paperwork too. We use glass that’s as good as the original.

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Whether you need windshield repair or replacement, Master Care Windshield Repair has you covered. With years of experience doing windshield repairs and replacements, we guarantee that we’ll fix your glass in as little time as possible. Our team of technicians have undergone thorough training to ensure that the work we do for you is smooth, hassle-free, and flawless. 

It doesn’t matter where you are, our team will be dispatched to your exact location. Before we determine what service you need, we will first assess the problem. If your windshield doesn’t need replacement, we’ll repair it right then and there. We’re confident that our prices are fair and competitive.

The culture of our company is always pro-customer. We only want what is best for you and we have your best interest at heart. We don’t suggest services you don’t need. Once our team starts working, you can expect to be on the road again in no time!

Windshield Repair and Replacement

What happens if your windshield gets a crack? Regardless of the size of the crack, you’ll need professionals like us to repair it for you. A giant windshield crack will disrupt the panoramic view of the road and this can compromise your ability to drive safely. The moment you notice the crack, call us ASAP.

Chips on your windshield commonly occur when you’re driving and a piece of rock or debris hits the glass. Even if it’s just a tiny chip, it will ruin the overall aesthetics of your car. Besides ruining the attractiveness of your vehicle, a chip is considered hazardous because it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a crack.

Regardless if it’s a chip or a crack, don’t attempt to fix it yourself especially if you are only reading how-to blogs on the Internet. This job is best reserved for professionals to ensure that you don’t add to the damage.

Whether it’s a chip or a crack, you need to call our professional glass experts. How will you know if your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced?

Repair or Replace your Windshield?

Generally, if the crack is small, around six inches or less, glass experts would recommend repairs. However, if the crack is more than six inches, you may want to consider replacing it for your safety. If you’re unsure, ask us for our opinion. If the crack is located at the edge or near the end of the windshield, replacement is necessary because there’s a big chance the crack will spread. As for chips, if the chip is more than one centimeter you’ll need a replacement. The location of the chip also matters. When the chip is located in your line of vision, you’ll need to have it replaced too. 

Car Window Repair and Replacement

What are you going to do if your car door window gets shattered? The obvious answer to this question is to have it repaired. A damaged window will put you and your passengers in danger because the driver won’t be able to see the road clearly. Window damage should be addressed ASAP to keep everyone in the car safe while on the road. 

When the damage is on the driver’s side, all the more you need to fix the damage because your driver will not be able to operate the car safely. Damage to the passenger window is also a road hazard because it will obstruct your view of the passenger-side mirror. As you know, this mirror is important when you want to change lanes or if you are going to turn. 

Repair or Replace your Car Window? 

The amount of damage will determine if you need a car window repair or a car window replacement. If it’s a huge crack or if the chip is deep you need a replacement. Car windows are typically made out of tempered glass. It’s an extra-strong and durable glass that when it gets hit with a high-impact force it will shatter into dull pieces instead of tiny, sharp shards. Car windows that have a crack or large chips are not ideal candidates for car window repairs. They need to be replaced so that the window can smoothly slide up and down. But, if it’s just a small chip or a tiny crack, a repair can typically fix the problem. 

Why Choose Master Care Windshield Repair? 

When you choose Master Care Windshield Repair, one thing we can assure you is that your car is in good hands. All our technicians are highly trained to thoroughly check the damage and suggest a feasible and pragmatic solution. We offer both repair and replacement solutions. Rest assured that we follow safety standards of practice. 

The techniques and guidelines we follow in replacing and repairing car glass windows are the reasons why we are well known in the industry. We take pride in our stellar reputation in restoring your vehicle’s windshield and car windows. 

If you need help with your car windows, call us today! We’ll examine the damage and recommend an affordable solution for you.

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Don’t wait to take action if your windshield or car windows are compromised. Repairing the damage sooner rather than later is critical to restoring safe driving conditions. Addressing smaller issues is also more cost effective.

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